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949-286-3977 Phone Number In IRVINE, California

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Phone Number: 9492863977
Phone Company: AT&T CALIFORNIA
Line Type: Mixed
Switch: IRVNCA01DS0
Call Center City: IRVINE (California)
Area: Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana (Metropolitan)
Local Access: LOS ANGELES (CA)
Zip Codes: 92602 92697 92620
Primary Zip Code: 92604
Position 33.671428, -117.791423

About IRVINE (California)

Current Time: Jun 22 02:56 AM
Metro Population: 16036587
Local Zipcodes: 92604
Area Code: 949
State Name: California (CA)
County Name: Orange
County Type: County
County Population: 3002048
County Land Area: 789.4042953

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Complaints Recent Complaints

949-286-3977 reported as Unknown by JoAnne Burns on 2012-07-23 16:47:54

I am on the "Do not call " list and they will not take me off of it (More About: 949-286-3977)

949-286-3977 reported as Telemarketer by Angie P on 2011-04-19 09:54:04

I received a call at 3:52 am this morning from Verizon Wireless asking me to participate in a survey! This is insane!!! The number I received the call from is (949) 286-3977. I filed a complaint with their corporate office at (877) 282-0788. Call them to file a complaint if you experience the same problem. (More About: 949-286-3977)

949-286-3977 reported as Unknown by BETH1990 on 2009-12-02 12:04:59

This number keeps aclling my cell phone - how do I get it to stop???? 949-286-3977 (More About: 949-286-3977)

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